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Gold Moss Gel-16

Flow Sea Moss Gel

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Our Risk - Free Gurantee



Gelatin free



✅ May Boost immunity

✅ Assists with Increasing energy levels

✅ Can Improve thyroid function

✅ Nourishes the skin

✅ May alleviate depression

Our wildcrafted Sea Moss is sourced from St. Lucia.

The gels should be refrigerated upon arrival. Sea Moss will gel overnight in the refrigerator and is good for 3 weeks in the refrigerator or up to a year in the freezer. 

Please allow up to 12-15 days for any gold or fruit flavored Sea Moss

Our items are made-to-order to ensure that all our customers receive the freshest products available. We do not use chemicals or preservatives so it must go through all of its stages to ensure that you will receive the maximum amount of benefits that this awesome line of products has to offer.

You will get a shipping email/text of your confirmation code once the order is out for delivery. Expect 1-2 business days if you have ordered fruit flavored Sea Moss

Why Choose Flow Essentials

usda certified organic

Our organic hemp is free from harmful residual solvents, microbials, heavy metals pesticides.

not genetically engineered

Our line of full spectrum hemp extracts feature the highest quality ingredients.

Cruelty free

Newer ever will we test on animals. In fact, we carry hemp products to help your furry family members.

Made in the usa

To support our local farmers, and ensure quality and sustainability, our agricultural hemp is farm bill compliant and sun grown by flow essential.