Let NATURE transform YOU

Thank you for choosing FLOW Essentials by ForeverLoveOurWorld.

For every purchase of the FLOW Essentials sea moss gel – wildcrafted using Dr. Sebi’s nutritional guide – you are one step closer toward achieving holistic health transformation.

We are a small team of passionate young entrepreneurs dedicated to helping our local communities through organic farming partnerships. A dollar of every sale goes directly to our philanthropic efforts – a little something goes a long way!


For nearly 14,000 years, humans have been harvesting and concocting red seaweeds for food production and medicinal purposes. Irishmen use it to treat common respiratory illnesses like cough, flu, and nasal congestion. The gelatin from the seaweed is a main ingredient of Blancmange, a classic Irish dessert.

The red seaweed is also a potent source of nutrients. Just add warm milk, sugar, and spices and you have a nutritional beverage. This became a staple among the Irish during the great potato famine in the 1800s.

Today, red seaweed is added as a preservative or emulsifier to ice cream, chocolate milk, frozen goods, and other organic items. This wonder food is consumed by billions of people around the world particularly in Brazil, China, Europe, Japan, and the US.


The BODY is the TEMPLE of your SOUL.

At FLOW Essentials, we believe going organic is the best route to achieve optimal health. As we patronize nature’s produce, we are also making a conscious decision to protect the environment.

Through sustainable efforts, we are helping seaweed farmers put food on the table and the general population make better choices for their health. Imagine when the poor do not go hungry and the body is renewed and healed for the sick.


We are committed to ensure that every jar of FLOW Essentials sea moss gel is crafted using only natural ingredients.

We keep it simple and clean. Each jar is handled with utmost care - from the manufacturing facility to your doorstep.

For every purchase, $1 is donated to charitable institutions such as Oceana, the Amazon Conservation Team, the Center for Disaster Philanthropy (CDP) COVID-19 Response Fund, and Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption.

We are building a tribe of thriving individuals with passion, care, and empathy to Earth and humankind.