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Organic Sea Moss Gummies

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Looking for the perfect supplement for your body’s daily nutrient needs? Experience all the benefits of traditional sea moss gel and more with just two gummies!

With our Sea Moss Gummies, you can release all worries of life, providing you with a sense of well-being you won't find anywhere else!

✅ May Boost immunity

✅ Assists with Increasing energy levels

✅ Can Improve thyroid function

✅ Nourishes the skin

✅ May alleviate depression

What Makes It Better:

  • Convenient – Everything you need for a healthy mind and body packed in bite-sized, easy-to-digest gummies! Take it on the go, anytime and anywhere.
  • Complete – Every gummy is loaded with antioxidants and the complete 102 essential vitamins and minerals your body needs for improved digestion, better circulation, increased sexual health, and more!
  • Child-Friendly – Having a hard time getting your kids to eat their veggies? Let your kids enjoy a healthy lifestyle at a young age by turning their favorite snack into a delectable herbal supplement they’ll surely love.
  • Made To Last – Unlike the traditional sea moss gel, sea moss gummies have a longer shelf life so you won’t have to be afraid of storing more for the road.
  • Delicious – Get healthier overall wellness without having to deal with those bitter medicines. We made sure every bite of our gummies are delightful to your taste buds.

Sea moss, bladderwrack, and burdock roots have long been part of alternative herbal medicine for centuries. Their combination has been proven to strengthen lymphatic systems and create a healthy cell turnover in your body for an improved overall health.

So what are you waiting for? Order yours today and experience a rich and healthier life!

Why Choose Flow Essentials

usda certified organic

Our organic hemp is free from harmful residual solvents, microbials, heavy metals pesticides.

not genetically engineered

Our line of full spectrum hemp extracts feature the highest quality ingredients.

Cruelty free

Newer ever will we test on animals. In fact, we carry hemp products to help your furry family members.

Made in the usa

To support our local farmers, and ensure quality and sustainability, our agricultural hemp is farm bill compliant and sun grown by flow essential.